Sincerely, Monday is a gratitude project designed to change the narrative of Mondays, by first changing the story of yours.   


The Movement


From LA to Charleston, we are building a team of dreamers + doers who are setting the world on fire using the power of thanks. With Monday as our medium, we are changing the face of gratitude, one week at a time.

The Gratitude Project 


It started with a girl, and a simple idea, 'How can I be the change I want to see?'  And each day from then on, this thought grew more beautiful than she ever imagined. Discover the secret behind her gratitude, and how it altered the course of her life.  


The Daybook


The Sincerely, Monday Daybook is an intentional journal designed to cultivate a rich Monday, full of endless Fridays.  In this journal type format, our pages are purposefully designed to give you a clean canvas to release the contents of your heart over the course of 52 Mondays.



It started with a simple idea: How can I be the difference? It became a movement called Sincerely, Monday: A Gratitude Project.

When people looked at her, what they saw was a vibrant, loving, happy girl.  What they didn’t see, was behind the highlight reel, the same girl was fighting a harsh, taboo disease.

In the darkness of battling depression, she decided to distract her focus on the pain, instead choosing to seek out the blessings in her life. These blessings came in the form of people.  The people who made a difference to her story, be it big, small, or even unseen. Using Monday morning as her medium, she began passing out anonymous thank you notes + gifts to those names she had placed in her gratitude jar. One-by-one, these pursuits quickly blossomed into the creation of what is now Sincerely, Monday®. 

A project of gratitude for others, eventually altered her own perception of gratitude for her life as well. Leading a broken heart to win the fight against depression.

Today, many have anonymously locked arms alongside her mission.  Choosing to spread positive thoughts throughout a day which normally symbolizes pain.  This blog is your place to join us, in shared brokenness, cultivating change through celebrating gratitude instead of agony.  

One week at a time, you too can help join the fight against depression, and learn how to turn hard times around, giving gratefulness a new place to bloom.

Join us, and help make Monday be recognized as voice for joy, kindness, hope, and thanks.



Our custom gratitude box and jars get a signature look tailored to you.

It started with a jar.  A simple jar which radically changed Sam's world. This same jar, and now exclusive boxes are now available for you to start your journey in this Gratitude Project

Whether you want one of the original jars, our exclusive handcrafted box, or a personal curated container specifically designed for your story.  We promise each heartfelt piece will help you see the hidden beauties inside your story, unlocking the joy Monday can bring. Discovering how both can change the narrative of your life. 

Hazel Berry Daybooks gets a new coat of paint

Sincerely, Monday has partnered with Hazel Berry Designs to develop an intentional Daybook to enhance our exclusive gratitude jars + boxes. With a journal type format, this product is purposefully designed to give you a clean canvas to release the contents of your heart over the course of 52 Mondays. Each Monday has a beautiful well thought design, utilizing inspirational quotes + space to celebrate the gratitude a simple moment can bring.  

By purchasing one of these Daybooks, you can begin to bring a joyful spirit to the morning of your Mondays.